On the Road 2014!!

We departed Florida this morning for our third trip West. Excited!

RV and Clown car resting in Georgia
RV and Clown car resting in Georgia

We head to Oregon this year to kayak host at two Oregon State Parks – Milo McIver and Fort Stevens. Milo is approximately 30 miles south of Portland, so we will be spending time in PDX and Fort Stevens is the northern-most state park in the state. Fort Stevens is a busy & popular park, so we expect to be doing many kayak tours at that park.

Practicing Kayaking in FLA!
Practicing Kayaking in FLA

Oregon State park has a great program “Let’s Go!” which offers camping, kayaking and disc golf at greatly reduced prices (an two hour kayak tour for $10.00!) to introduce people to outdoor activities. We will be supporting that program in both parks. The main reason we are hosting at Milo McGiver park is Don’s connection with the head Ranger, Guy Rodrigue.

We attended last year’s Oregon Parks & Rec Interpretive Host program. Don & Guy happened to sit next to each other at the class – Guy asked Donald who had the kayaks on the Jeep roof – and it was our Jeep! Guy was looking for kayak hosts to expand the park program. During our park visit last summer, Guy was kind enough to tour us around the park and shared his plans. He has an awesome vision for the park and we are excited to be part of it.

Showing our excitement to depart!
Showing our excitement to depart

Fort Stevens has a huge interpretive program and we will be part of it later this summer. In addition to leading kayak tours, we will be hosting the park’s tour of the Army Battery that was used during World War II and driving the 2 1/2 ton truck around the park. Yikes!!

Come visit us at one of the parks this summer!


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