Garden of the Gods RV Resort

Garden of the Gods RV Resort

I really wanted to like the Garden of the Gods RV Resort. We visit friends annually in the Colorado Springs area, either East or West bound and we would like to find a good, easily accessable RV park. Frills not needed and we always appreciate an easy in, easy out spot that has level sites. Unfortunately Garden of the Gods did not provide either level sites nor easy access.


Campsite at Garden of the Gods
Campsite at Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is highly rated by Good Sam – facility 9.5, restrooms 9.0 and appeal 8.5. I do not understand those high ratings – which are similar to those given to great resorts including Outdoor RV in Indio CA and Wine Country RV in Paso Robles, both deserving high ratings.

Jack and Jeep at our campsite
Jack and Jeep at our campsite

The campground does provide a two good spots to unhitch a tow vehicle, which is required as there are some tight turns in the campground. Even the maintenace staff recommended that our toad be disconnected prior to driving throught the park. This need to disconnect defeats the purpose of a pull thru site if a visitor wants a quick exit from the park the next day.


In addition to a few tight turns areas, our assigned spot took some work to get the coach level without the tires flying above the ground, a situation we try to avoid. Boards under the tires solved the issue but I would prefer that a high rated campground provide level sites. Donald was frustrated with the staff closing multiple mens’s room at the same time. Donald snuck into the Ladies’s room and got busted at exit. The women entering the ladies’ room was not happy to see him – and I cannot blame her, but it was me who suggested it..…


The sites at Garden of the Gods were very tight. Our neighbor’s motorbike, parked on their picnic table pad was very close to our coach and our sewer connection was close to their picnic table. Not appetizing and again not deserving of the high ratings.                 I also was disappointed that the staff member who took my reservation could not provide good driving directions to get to the park. I ALWAYS request driving directions to every campsite we visit – this simple request has prevented running into tight tuns, low overpasses (thanks Nora of Crown Villa in Bend OR) and other bad situations. I expect a person representing a RV campground to understand the need for good, clear directions and not instruct me to rely on a GPS systems or guess at directions. Garden of the Gods might consider training their staff on this aspect of customer service. Garden of the Gods provided a suitable place to stay in the Colorado Spring area but I believe we will keep shopping.


Booze and Guns with Jay & Sheila. Good Times!
Booze and Guns with Jay & Sheila. Good Times!

A bright note in our stay – in addition to connecting with our friends Jay & Sheila was the discovery of a great local Colorado Springs restaurant – the Dive.   Great name!  We ordered Barbecue and Burgers and took their great red & green chili home with us to eat during our Yellowstone visit.

The Dive Restaurant - Great Food!
The Dive Restaurant – Great Food!

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