Our Former New (temporary) Home – Milo McIver State Park, Oregon

We arrived at our new temporary home – Milo McIver State Park – where we will be kayak hosting for the next two months.  We are excited to be here!

Our new home site

We have a great camp host spot that overlooks the Estacada Lake and –

hope to have many dinners and potlucks overlooking the water.  

New Happy Hour View

The park has three boat ramps and many fishing spots – Rainbow Trout were just stocked in the lake and steel head trout are plentiful.  Fishing licenses tomorrow and trout for dinner (well – hopefully sometime in the near future).IMG_5071

We will be doing lake kayak tours three times a week as part of the Oregon State Park’s “Let’s Go!” Program that provides low cost outdoor experiences (camping, kayaking, disk golf – kayaking 2 hours for $10.00!).  The lead ranger here, Guy Rodrigue wanted to expand the kayak program in 2014.  He created a camp host spot for us (really!) and we are starting the expanded program this week.  We have kayak  and interpretation experience – just not together.  This This should be fun!  Believe our first paddle tour will be Thursday night.


This is our first extended stay in this part of the state.  We have hosted in the high desert area of Oregon previously – so this will be a change to a wet cool climate. 


Milo McIver park is named after one of the first highway & park commissioners in the state of Oregon (1897-1962) who was dedicated to creating a great park system (he succeeded!) and creating the Oregon highway network.   During McIver’s term Oregon State Parks experienced over 40 new parks and a 240 percent increase in attendance.

View from the Clackamas River IMG_5133


Milo’s namesake



Bat Barn
The Bat Barn

The park is over 900 acres and offers a variety of activities including a world class disc golf course, horse trails, fishing, kayaking, bat trails and an historic bat barn (with rare Townsend’s big eared bats), – all this within 45 minutes of downtown Portland!  And close to the Willamette Valley —

Overlook of the Clackamas River


Those who visit the park often return to enjoy the park’s unusually varied composition of natural resource types – riparian, Oregon white oak and douglas fir savannahs, seasonally wet prairies, deciduous and conifer forests.   The character of Milo McIver remains true to when the park was first established, yet today, facilitates a tapestry of matured mixed forests, scenic vistas, and a variety of classic and contemporary recreational activities.


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