Our first day as Kayak Instructors. No one fell of their boat! 100% success!

View from our desk aka kayak

Today was our first day of working. FYI – working is the only word I can think of to describe what we are doing here, but it is the farthest thing from work that one can imagine.  If I could have paddled around the Pentagon (where I actually did work) like this, well, I don’t know what I would have done. Worn different clothes for sure.

Commuting Route


We had a last minute customer today – as tours don’t officially start till next week. Don’t know if our random kayaker was wandering aimlessly but Andrew, our Ranger boss-man found him in the campground & dragged him to the lake so we could take him kayaking. Whether he wanted to go or not.

Ranger Boss-Man Andrew
Three Men with paddles – who agreed they love IPA. Maybe more than kayaking. Maybe?

Jason is an experienced kayaker so it made our ‘job’ much easier. Maybe even contributed to our 0% fall off rate to date.

Willing kayaker Jason


The kayaking offered at the park is part of the “Let’s Go” program offered by Oregon Parks & Recreation.  The program is designed to introduce Oregonians and others to outdoor activities for very reasonable rates.  Kayaking is one of those activities and Milo McIver Park is perfect for it — multiple boat ramps and Estacada Lake with flat water, wildlife and an easy paddle.


This was our inaugural kayak trip so we were introduced to our new work space – Lake Estacada. The lake was created when three dams were constructed by the Portland Electric Company to supply power to the city – and the lake provides water to the local area. The lake is stocked monthly with trout – so the fishing here is excellent. People were pulling in fish all day – hopefully our day for pulling in fish will come soon!



Range Boss Andrew led us down the lake where we will be leading our student kayakers. A very pretty paddle with Doug Firs on the edge of the water, wildlife to view and geological features along the way.  Have to get an interpretive talk together so I can impress the kayakers with my knowledge of the area, all presented with a New York accent at an East Coast pace to keep ’em guessing.  Where did SHE come from (and when can she go back there)?








Looking forward to much more paddling and maintaining that 0% fall off rate. Wish us luck.












4 thoughts on “Our first day as Kayak Instructors. No one fell of their boat! 100% success!

  1. Wish we were there with you. We purchased a Sea Eagle Fast Track two man inflatable kayak last summer. We have used it a few times. But joining you for tips would be fun.

  2. Hi Pam & John — you should sit up straight so you are comfortable and can paddle more easily. how do you like your inflatable? we have two sit on top sea kayaks that we love. We have had them four about 15 years now and are happy that we bought them.

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