Kayaking in the Rain? why not? Best ‘Yak’ Yet!


Kayaking in the rain – best yet!


Our fifth kayak tour working as volunteer camp hosts was best the so far!!
Our volunteer work as kayak tour hosts means on Thursday evenings…

 No Happy Hour!…..we are going our for a paddle!







Tonight we had a great group of all beginner yakers – kayakers, that is.

Joining us for a paddle:

MaryAnn(e) & Mike, Robert, Wendy & B and our late arrivals Mike & Rachael. No one had any previous kayak experience – and when we returned they were all looking great and confident!


IMG_3712In addition to (hopefully) showing everyone how great kayaking is – and how easy – we had a great time chatting on the very calm, flat water.

IMG_3720When we started the paddle a bit of rain threatened to get us very wet – and we pressed on. The rain quickly stopped and we were dry for the rest of the paddle – unless you consider that drip guards never work.

IMG_3723We spotted alot of wildlife tonight – osprey, ducks, hawks and a beaver swimming under everyone’s kayaks.  

Just not mine – which is ok -I have some time to catch a beaver swimming underwater.




Most of the kayakers were spending the night at the campground – which is great as we were all tired at the end of the ride.


Thanks for a great paddle and we hope to see you again on the water!  Come see us on the water this summer.

IMG_3726 IMG_3727 IMG_3728

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