Why We Love RVing

RV Love

For Your Consideration:  A scattering of reasons to love RVing


Explore this Great Country!

RVing provides a great opportunity to visit the United States and points beyond (just not beyond the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans).  Visit great sights & experience new places – either in-depth or in a single day, depending on your travel style.  We have always enjoyed traveling and seeing new places –  learning the history, culture, natural surroundings.  RVing lets us do that in depth.  We can choose to stay at a place we really enjoy for a few days, a week, a month.  A reason we enjoy camp hosting – it lets us get to know an area in depth.   While we are here in the Oregon Northern Cascades we have started to learn the beautiful area.  Mt. Hood, the Clackamas River and small towns to explore (along with the great Oregon beer…).   And close proximity to Portland –  a very fun town.  And close to the Willamette Valley.  Sigh.  Should the weather turn bad – slides in, jacks up, jeep hooked up and we go.


Hey!  There’s lots of reasons why President Eisenhower & Milo McIver built highways – and President Grant started the whole National Park thing.   Take advantage of your Federal/State/Local tax Dollars!

Meet great people

Lloyd, Donna, Bob & Nancy
Lloyd, Donna, Bob & Nancy

RV and camping afficionados are social people.  It is fairly easy to meet and get to know campers over a fire, a picnic table and a pot luck (and happy hour!).  We all have many things in common to chat about – good and bad campgrounds, RVs, travel routes, etc.  Many camp hosts are friendly and interested in knowing their fellow campers.   We have made some great friends on the road and hope that trend continues!


…If your neighbors aren’t such great people you can move


Barking dogs?  No worries.  Loud Music till 2:00 a.m.?  Move on.  If you have landed in a spot (or neighbors) you don’t like you can simply move on (as long as it is not Memorial Day or the Fourth of July weekend….).  And if you don’t want to move, your local Ranger or campground manager should assist you with you noise issue.  Just ask them – they don’t want annoyances any more than you.


Take your house on the road –  “Better to drive your suitcase than pack your suitcase”


Jack and Jeep at our campsite
Jack and Jeep at our campsite

It is a great feeling to go to a new place in your own home.  It is hard to describe the feeling – although you are at a new place – somewhere you have never visited – you still feel like you are at home when you pull into the campground and see your RV parked and waiting for you.  And you are home!   It is great to walk into your RV and have all the comforts nearby.  And all of your stuff – bikes, kayaks, cooking gear, smoker, etc.  Always straddling a line between the new and the known!

Follow the weather – or wind – or wine.  

In an RV, you can follow your passion.  Love windsurfing?  find the best wind app and follow the wind.  Amateur Photographer?  Find subjects you love and camp there!  You can find a campground anywhere you want to be – or a host job, or a friend’s driveway (for a limited time).  Campgrounds can be found outside of all major metropolitan areas with mass transit options nearby. Your options are only limited by your imagination and your road atlas.

Bond.  James Bond on the Columbia River. Maybe not.



…And don’t let small hurdles keep you from hitting the road — Many issues that arise can be solved

Medications – get a 90 day supply and have future meds shipped to your location

Mail – mail forwarding to an RV mail service, that scans your envelopes, forwards (or trashes) mail based on your instructions or opens, scans and emails urgent mail.  Or forward your mail to a local Post office General Delivery and the post office will hold for you.

Medical Visits – Urgent Care & Doctors will take new patients from other locations – and some Docs will write you a script for a potential future need – ask!

Hair Cuts – (believe it or not, this is a pain) ask locals with good hair cuts what salon/barbershop they use.

Communications with friends and family – the internet, cells phones, email helps keep in touch.  Friends may want to tag along for a leg or two on your trip.  Fun!


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