Mural, Mural on the Wall – the Murals of Estacada Oregon

“Artback” Artists & the Estacada Murals – providing color & decorating a small, former lumber town in Oregon.













The Artback Artists decided some time ago to paint the town.  Literally. 


Estacada Logging History – Mural Style

In small-town Estacada Oregon, population ~2000+ you can find 19 murals on buildings around town, depicting local history and the area’s natural surroundings.  


The Artback Artists formed in 1992 to promote Arts in the Estacada community –  after a successful exhibition of local artist works, the Artback Artists wanted to make an impact with visual arts in the neighborhood.  Murals were their delivery method of choice.

Ginseng – Root of Life

After the inaugural murual painting in 1993 the group continues to add to the mural collection – with the most recent mural added July 2014 – with a community fair to celebrate the occasion!!

Artback Artists at Work


The interpretive staff of Milo hosted a fish painting Booth at the festival – well-attended with over 250 fish paintings created that day.   Staffed by yours truly and sidekick husband along with Super Ranger Andrew and his sidekick Fab Seasonal Ranger Kate.  We were all multi-colored by the end of the day, lead by Kate who was extremely helpful washing all of the painted fish – over & over again, with a smile every time.

Ranger Kate with a big smile on her face – washing fish..
Volunteer Me with budding Fish Painter & Artist

The Town decided that live music was required to celebrate the mural creation and the Estacada Summer Celebration was born.  Live music accompanies the artists as they put the final touches on the most recent mural.

Murals on Bars


Tree of Life
Murals near Cars (and Trucks)

The Bird Party is a special Estacada Mural – designed by Kolieha Bush, the geese on the library ground inspired the mural.  The mural was originally painted on a local market which burned down in 2007 – the Fire Department saved the mural now has a new home in Wade Creek Park.


Bird Party Mural saved by Estacada Fire & Rescue

The murals adorn local markets, bars and shops in the town. 


Oregonians love their murals and Estacadians are Mural Nuts!

Fishing at the Clackamas
Mural at the Market



2 thoughts on “Mural, Mural on the Wall – the Murals of Estacada Oregon

  1. This is my hometown 🙂 I hope to one day try to get my 2nd home here in Tulsa, Oklahoma to art up our blank canvases on the buildings all over this great city. Thank you so much for writing about this fabulous town that pushes art on so many levels to the children that grow up there and later become adults that pursue their dreams. You should look up Mr. Brown…he taught my mother, my brother and I…and so many others. Amazing teacher.

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