A Milo McIver wrap up – Our Great Camp Host Experience!

Donald & I just finished our most recent Camp Hosting gig at Milo McIver State Park, located in the Northern Cascades.

vortex tree II

We really enjoyed our stay at the park – working as kayak hosts and doing other interpretive work (fish painting, animal tracks, bat talks).  We enjoyed it so much we plan to return in 2016.  What?  No, really?


Donald got us the hosting job due to a random meeting with the lead Ranger at the park.   What a great & unplanned circumstance!

Bat Barn

We worked as kayak hosts and did other interpretive work – and we really enjoyed our two months at the park.  We enjoyed our host duties there so much we plan to return in 2016.  What?

vortex sunset

Nicely located 45 minutes from Portland, Milo attracts Portlanders who float down the Clackamas river on a hot Oregon day – or boaters (motorized and non-motorized) who want to fish or paddle on the Estacada Lake or the River.



We met many Oregonians who have little knowledge of the park – those folks were surprised at its close proximity to the Portland area.

bat field

The park is home to a large horse riding community – the park offers numerous horse trails and a horse obstacle course.  The Oregon Trails group maintains the trails in the park & plans to build an additional trail in the near future with horse camping.

bat barn road II

A volunteer corps (in addition to Camp Hosts) provide great support to the park – a huge part of the Milo community is the large volunteer support group – staffed by the local community.  The Oregon Trails group, a group of Disk Golf volunteers to maintain the large disk golf course & another local group that provides general maintenance.

big tree V

Also planned (planned, maybe not yet funded by the State…) is the addition of yurts and the construction of a new park entrance that would provide a dramatic view of Mount Hood.  Big changes in store for this relatively quiet park.





thanks to the great staff (paid and volunteer) for our great hosting experience!

9 thoughts on “A Milo McIver wrap up – Our Great Camp Host Experience!

  1. Gail, its fun following your and Don’s hosting experience. Glad you’re having so much fun! Thinking about you guys.

  2. Gail & Don,
    I sure miss you two. The pictures are beautiful and it was so great having you at Milo.

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