Ft Stevens – Our New Home & Oregon’s “Most Desirable Park”

Fort Stevens – Oregon’s most desirable park (we think…) & our new home for the next 1.5 months.  




New Home Base

 We will be kayak hosting here for the next few weeks and are looking forward to a new park, new surroundings and new explorations! 

 Friends visited here earlier this week, tried to extend their stay and were told there were “no vacancies!”  With the Labor Day holiday approaching, and a Civil War Reenactment here this weekend, the park will be very busy.

Donald with friends (and future hosts) Rocky & Chris!

The Fort has over 500 camp spots (!) and we hope to get many visitors out on the water for their first paddle.   Or two.

clake 8:20
New Kayak Base


Many families camp here for their full two weeks – and make their reservations months ahead of arrival.  

Rifle Range

Currently, the park is filled with families and fishermen.  The fish are plentiful now – salmon, including chinook – are having a record year and fishermen are up early to launch their boats and get fishing.

Native American Long House Entrance

 The park is home to Native American Lewis & Clark & US Military sites.  

The military battery was built in 1904 as a defense against invaders trying to encroach on the West Coast.  

brcks 1
Army Battery

A military cemetery may be found in the area – one of two still operating in the PAC North West.  

Military Cemetery

The area is called the Graveyard of the Pacific as so many ship wrecks are found in the area.  The Army Corps of Engineers built two long rock jetties to provide safer entrance into the Columbia River.  

Railroad trestle built to haul the massive rocks used to created the seawalls…

Remains of massive Railroad Trestle


rock wall
Jetty to Pacific Ocean


Massive & Majestic Pacific Ocean

And, of course, the much-photograhed Peter Iredale wreck found at the Park.  And most-photgraphed piece of debris on the US Pacific Coast!

shipwreck II
Peter Iredale Wreck

4 thoughts on “Ft Stevens – Our New Home & Oregon’s “Most Desirable Park”

  1. We loved Fort Stevens SP and were there for the Civil War Reenactment a couple of years ago. Kayak hosting is something we had not heard of. Enjoy your time there!

    1. Hi LuAnn – the Civil War Reenactment is this weekend. Should be interesting and packed with people – in addition to the many folks here catching record numbers of fish….! thanks for your comment and hope this finds you well. Gail

    1. Camp Hosts are volunteers who camp in and support the parks by assisting visitors and performing maintenance tasks. Fort Stevens, as well as other Oregon State parks offer kayak tours daily. We volunteer as guides for these trips – and work as ‘kayak hosts’. Come join us for a paddle if you are in the area! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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