Oregon’s Central Coast – and a first edible (!) Mushroom find

We love Oregon – love it more each day.


Our most recent exploration included Oregon’s Central Coast (at least parts of it…).

Tillamook, a standard tourist destination (for the cheese) was our first stop (not for the cheese – for us) but for the beer.  De Garde brewery landed in the area due their use of naturally occurring yeast they harvest for their beer.  These folks travelled the state to determine where the best yeast could be gathered from the atmosphere – and leave their casks open for a natural fermentation to occur.  Brewed in the old style – the types of beer the forefathers of the US created – sour beer.  What a great place!


Before we visited de Garde, we stumbled onto the Tillamook Air Museum.  Good lord, where did this come from?  Tillamook Air Museum was formerly a hanger for dirigibles – up to Eight were parked in this beast of a garage at one time.   The hanger dwarfs everything in the area – and apparently there were two hangers here at one time.  They must have over-shadowed everything else on the landscape!

Only open from 1942 – 1946, it is great that the one building remains.  If you cannot go into the museum, just to stand next to the colossal structure is amazing!


Also tucked behind the air museum we tripped over (ok, maybe not tripped but found) some old abandoned rail cars.  Don’t these folks believe in recycling?





cc4Beyond Tillamook – we travelled south to Newport & visited this well-known town.  We happened to score a last minute rental at a fairly new condo in the area.  cc54

Some fisherman who enjoy the area for sport are not happy that the units are here – although the construction took away local fishing spots, the property is great and nicely located, with a great view of the bridge and the Rogue Brewery – which is a not-to-be-missed experience.  Rogue “World Headquarters” – where Donald discovered the Double Dead Guy Ale is just across the bay/river/inlet.   Oh Lord!


Available just down the street is great fresh-off-the-boat seafood or cooked at a super local restaurant – Local Ocean, offering both raw seafood or great table service with menu items.  Even on a Monday night, the place was slammed as it is very popular – they just started taking reservations.  And we were lucky to get one!

We were thankful to join friends here.

Devil’s Punchbowl

The Coast here is amazing and open to all.  


Devil’s Churn

There is a state park or turnoff or viewpoint around every corner.  This is a big deal coming from New Jersey where every (every) beach charges an admission fee with pay parking (as always thanks Mark Shaw for our volunteer pass!)cc21

Every beach is spectacular with surfers, driftwood, people exploring.  

cc13 The beaches here are beautiful – and full of life with plenty of tide pools to explore.  

Gratitude to Tom McCall and all the Oregon legislators who made and make it possible.

cc15The folks here are apparently obsessed with the Devil – as we visited Devil’s Churn followed (miles later) by Devil’s Punchbowl.  Both areas are dramatic with the foamy Pacific rushing in and mixing things up.  Folks on the East Coast have no idea – the Atlantic rarely puts on a show like this.

cc50While at Devil’s punchbowl and climbing up a (maybe) illegal trail, I tripped over on my first ever edible mushroom find.  So excited!  New to – and love – the mushrooms here the Oregon Coast!

Believe I found a fairly large Lobster Mushroom while climbing back up the trail.  My first solo find.  Yum and Yum.  Yeah!  If not edible, Donald has a small payday coming once I eat this bad boy.








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