Mushroom Madness in Oregon!

Oh my goodness. I had no idea.  

The mushrooms here in the wet North Coast of Oregon are amazing – and we are not here at prime time!

DSC_5715The mushrooms are about to sprout like crazy – and what a sight watching and waiting for the buggers to grow!

DSC_5699We had a deluge of rain a few night ago and now the mushrooms are about to cover the moss covered forests here.  A beautiful sight even if we will not get to take advantage of the harvest.


I did manage to gather a few mushrooms while searching around the park.  

28 sep 5

These were amateur finds but I was thrilled being able to gather this mini-crop.

mushroomAnd I did find a large (well, large by my beginner standards) lobster mushroom while hiking.  What fun!


DSC_5661 mush1 Believe that many folks visit the park solely for the mushrooms – that they are allowed to harvest for personal consumption.


I saw some potential harvesters earlier this week – alerting each other to possible opportunities.   DSC_5754 mushx

Should be quite a site with the mushrooms in full bloom.  Can’t wait to return to see them take over the forest!

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