The Sun Sets on our Fort Stevens Visit

It happens almost every time we arrive at a new park for a host job.  We arrive, we look around – and wonder if we are going to like our new location.  Is there anything to do here ?  will we meet any like-minded Hosts, Rangers, Guests?  How will we pass the time here – now that we have arrived?

9 sep 6
It also happens – almost every time – that we don’t want to leave our new discovery.  Can’t we remain a few more days – or weeks?  what will a change of season bring?  How can we extend our stay?mush32

It happened at this great park, Fort Stevens.  Oregon’s largest State Park (for campsites) and the largest campground West of the Mississippi.  Soon to be the largest campground in the country once the Park adds more sites this Fall.

16 sep 53

Fort Stevens is a popular destination.  

Families, church groups, fishing groups join together here year after year to enjoy what Fort Stevens has to offer.

11 sep 5

Fishing, beach combing, clamming, bike riding, hiking, bird watching, mushroom harvesting, historical military sites.  

Circled by water – the majestic Columbia River intersecting with the Pacific Ocean.  


The former military installation Fort Stevens – with much to explore.




18 sep 2

18 sep 7And kayaking.  Donald & I worked ~30 kayak trips in our short time here.  We met some nice people – many who were new to the sport – some of those new paddlers walked away wanting to paddle again.  We love that!  DSC_1286

16 sep 20

We had fairly consistent good weather for our paddles, with one Saturday as the exception when it rained pretty hard.  All of the group agreed to a paddle the next day with great weather.

And mushroom season is about to really blossom (yes, you read it).  With mini-mushrooms sprouting every day – I am truly sorry that we will miss that show.

Ah, Mushrooms!

We easily fell into the rhythm of this place, learned the land and great surroundings.  

7 sep 25



Met some great, interesting people during our stay.  Love this Park!


18 sep 10
We were also glad that friends took the time to visit this great park and spend some time with us.

We enjoyed their company and hope we can get together during our next trip to Oregon.

the Peter Iredale

And the obligatory picture of the most-photographed piece of debris on the US Pacific Coast, the Peter Iredale.  No mention of Fort Stevens can be made with including one picture of this famous shipwreck!

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