Vegas & an Ex-Sister in Law visit


While headed back East, Donald & I decided to stop at Vegas.  

As an added bonus, we spent some time with my ex (yes, that is correct, “Ex”) sister-in-law.  Alene was kind enough to search me out on Facebook and connect.  We spent some time with her in Santa Barbara previously and thought we would get in touch this year.

Donald was able to meet Alene’s husband Dan – and we also were lucky to meet Danny, Alene & Dan’s son.

Danny is a finalist in the Screenwriter’s competition in Austin – with his screenplay that we hope does great things!

Danny, Don, Dan & Alene


We are glad we were able to visit with them!


We visited Red Rocks  – a great State Park offering lots of climbing opportunities.

Red Rock Climbers

Red Rocks has great climbing and vistas all around.  


touring cars



After Red Rocks we visited the newly revitalized Fremont East – with lots of neon and a great downtown space.  

DSC_3887A new addition is “Container City” sponsored by the city and providing space to new businesses to get started in their respective fields – and once they get established they move on.


Built from stacked shipping containers..

then we capped off the day with a visit to a great old bar – the Atomic with great craft brews.  




Alene takes over the camera duties and it appears that the guys are actually listening to what I am saying…?

a perfect Vegas Sign


the neon on Fremont was great – lots of old signs that you might recognize from movies.  

All in good shape.

DSC_3929 DSC_3931 DSC_3934

 We finished the day with a Cirque du Soleil show – Zumanity, which was acrobatics with Boobs and lots of heavy breathing.  Cheers!

And we had a great visit with Alene, Dan and their son Danny.  




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