the Beautiful Zion National Park & Angel’s Landing

During our trip back to the East Coast, Donald & I wanted to visit at least one of the spectacular Southern Utah Parks.  This, IMO, is one the Country’s best areas to visit.  Bryce, Canyon Lands, Arches, all great parks.  

Believe our favorite in the area is Zion – the park is great with every turn.


zion 1
Our day begins with a great Sunrise….

 What – the Day begins with a great Sunrise?  We are retired, for crying out loud!

The park was surprisingly busy for October – we understood this was due to the great weather and a Utah school holiday.


 We decided to tackle the infamous West Rim Trail & Angel’s Landing.

the hardest part of the trail, IMO

 It was a great hike – and we were glad we tackled it early –  as it gets really crowded.  Walter’s Wiggles is an interesting part of the hike.  ~21 switchbacks stacked up to get to the top of a hill.

Walter’s Wiggles


What you find is another marvel of trail building, a famed series of twenty tight switchbacks known as Walter’s Wiggles. The wiggles take their name from Walter Ruesh, Zion National Park’s first superintended, who in 1926 set about constructing a trail to Angel’s Landing. Amazingly, Walter had no engineering experience.



This is Angel’s Landing – we had just left this area and the crowds were starting to arrive – these folks probably started their ascent at 8:00 a.m.  We started at 7:00 a.m. 


Angel’s landing

Six people have died here  (officially) according to the National Park Service since 2004 due to the steep & narrow nature of the trail.

Some folks unfortunately did not wait to hold onto the chain and fell down the steep rock wall –

Beyond Angel’s Landing
zion 5
Beautiful Vistas at every turn



 Not many hikers go beyond Angel’s Landing – they are missing great views and an uncrowded path…


the path is up there somewhere…


We had hoped to stay in Zion for three nights – and we able to get a campsite for only two nights!  We will keep that in mind for our next visit and plan ahead…..Zion River RV resort could only offer us a short stay.

the Zion Valley
zion sunrise
A Zion sunrise before departure

During Fall, we are used to getting a spot the same day, with no prior reservations.

We were thankful to visit for our two nights.  A couple from Italy got shut out of a hotel room that had been available – they did not act quickly enough and were very disappointed!  

Zion is one our our favorite National Parks and we hope to return in the future.

6 thoughts on “the Beautiful Zion National Park & Angel’s Landing

  1. You definitely got the best part of the day for your hike. We were surprised by the crowds last week when we were there. Luckily, we only needed to drive to the east side. Your photos are gorgeous.

  2. thanks for your nice note – we were surprised by the crowds in the parks as well – great to see the people out and enjoying the park. thanks for the complement on the pics – new camera is a lot of fun! safe travels – Gail

    1. thanks LuAnn – we love this park – and the whole Southern Utah Area. just had a discussion tonight on our favorite park in the area – and we could not agree on one park, since they are all great! thanks for your nice note. Gail

  3. We love Zion too! And, you’re right. The paths beyound Angel;s Landing offer great views and were not nearly as crowded. I came down Walther’s Wiggles with a smile, because I had made it up! I’m guessing you are home or close to it by now.

  4. Hi ya Ron! we owe the experience to you & Sharen – it was based upon your recommendation that we pressed on. And I do agree, we were smiling on the way down & proud of ourselves for making the climb up – especially once the crowds started flocking in. it was fun to tell people “you are close – don’t give up now” or “you are not on the wiggles, and you will know when you are…”
    we are headed East and slowly back to FLA. Best to you both and thanks for your note! gail

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