Jerusalem Shuk (Outdoor Market) with great Sites and Smells….and Tastes

We ventured into the Jerusalem Markets – an great mix of interesting people & marketplace.


The people of Israel were welcoming to American tourists and glad that we were visiting – tourism has dropped significantly due to local violence.   

DSC_1019We considered staying home and are really glad we visited.

This was one of the best overseas trips we’ve had.


The shuk began in the late 19th century, during the Ottoman Empire, on a patch of open ground near the road that leads to the port of Jaffa. The British, when they ruled here, tried to bring modernity to the market, with mixed success. For a time, it was known as the Iraqi market because it was run by Iraqi Jews.


In addition to the traditional cafes dishing Middle Eastern and Jewish cuisine, there are joints selling fish and chips, tofu burgers and Indian vegetarian, plus an Italian place around the corner that serves bruschetta with sardines.

The entrance to the market might as well have a sign at the entrance reading: “Look at you! You’re skin and bones. Eat!”

DSC_0916 Students of the shuk date its current gentrification to a daring stroke by Eli Mizrachi, who opened a popular cafe here in 2002, at the height of the second Palestinian uprising and the suicide attacks it brought to the central city.DSC_0940Israeli Soldiers goofing around with the American broad taking photos….


The market was a great peak into Israeli Life – and a short walk from our Jerusalem Hotel.  L’chaim!


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