Our Jordan Exploration Continues….Ruins of Gadara – aka Umms Qays

As our exploration of Jordan continued, we poked around the ancient City of Gadara – another town that reached its peak some time ago – around 2nd century ADjordan17

The town includes a large cobblestone street – stones not laid on the diagonal like other old towns – that stretched as far as one can see.


The city also provides a great high vantage point for an easy lookout over the surrounding area – good for keeping tabs on Armies trying to invade.  


The Roman Amphitheater – providing great entertainment for the locals.


The hills did not protect the citizens forever – apparently Vespasian “marched to the city of Gadara. He came into it and slew all the youth, the Romans having no mercy on any age whatsoever. He set fire to the city and all the villas around it.”


The Gadarenes captured some of the boldest of the Jews, of whom several were put to death and others imprisoned. Some in the town surrendered to emperorVespasian, who placed a garrison there.

With the conquest of the Arabs, following the Battle of Yarmouk in 636 it came under Muslim rule. Around 747 it was largely destroyed by an earthquake and was abandoned.

There is no evidence of widespread destruction in the city.


Restoration of the town continues ……
Two local Gardarians exploring the town, above.

 Jordan continued to surprise us as we explored.


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