The incredible, incomparable Petra – Jordan. Once visited by Indiana Jones, now Us.

Petra, as you might guess, is an amazing – unbelievable – place.  

petra61One cannot imagine how this place was conceived, built, re-discovered.    

Imagine the thrill of being the Scotsman who – after extensive conversation with Jordanians – discovered this great place for the rest of us to experience?


The scene he might have viewed is this – hiking through the slot canyon that opens up to the building known as the Treasury, named this not because it housed a bank or money, but because it is a “treasure.”  Indeed.


Petra is much more than just that fabulous Treasury building – which is actually not a building but a facade.  People that expected the building to contain valuables – and literally shot up the facade to discover it – with no luck.  The bullet holes are visible when standing at the building base.

Petra contains numerous Tombs – not in the sense you might imagine (small, modest memorials) –  but massive structures built to celebrate the life of  kings.  Six tombs are lined up along a route for easy exploration.  


The colors of Petra also amaze – hopefully this picture can give you a sense of that rainbow. 

A stand-alone temple is littered with old columns, stones, artifacts that makes one wonder what were these attached to – how spectacular was THAT building – or buildings? 

DSC_5908 DSC_5944

petra32 petra36 petra46

The view of a dead king – from inside a Royal Tomb.

The end of our spectacular Petra day – as we exit the monument.

Did you know USAID paid for some of the work done here?  “A gift from people of the United States.”


7 thoughts on “The incredible, incomparable Petra – Jordan. Once visited by Indiana Jones, now Us.

  1. Amazing architecture! Glad you are having a great time. Sorry to have missed you in Grayton, maybe you will head to the northeast this summer and catch us in Maine.

    1. Hi Ladies! Nice to hear from you and sorry we missed you in FLA. Enjoying the weather here in SWFL – just not the house repair work…..we plan to do the East Coast this summer and Maine is on the list. Would enjoy seeing you both. Gail

  2. Hi Gail & Donald,
    Great pictures. Enjoyed your companies on our trip. Hope to run into you again on other Gate 1 trips in the future.
    Esther & Marty

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