Greetings from the Lovely & Warm Bahia Honda, Florida

Hello from one of our favorite State Parks – Bahia Honda – located in the Florida Keys.  We are on  a short break from House rebuilding – and happy to spend it here in one of the best State Parks in the country. 

DSC_9025 DSC_8706

It is really difficult to get a reservation here…especially at Holiday time.

DSC_9809 DSC_9850

A great Sunset every night….DSC_9523 DSC_8844 A short distance away is Blimp Road with good kayaking – and a blimp flying overhead with abandoned boats below.


there is a sunken cabin cruiser down here.. I swear. Two of them actually.
the blimp of Blimp Road.


And if you don’t have a RV and do not want to tent camp, the park has rental cottages for your use. 


Do not drive a tall vehicle to the cottages, however.  You may be driving a convertible after you pass through this low clearance bridge.

  DSC_9920 DSC_9931

Maybe we will see you one day here at Bahia Honda – join us for a sunset!


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