A Visit to Beautiful Bar Harbor Maine – our trip North Continues….


We departed Old Orchard Beach Maine and continued our drive North to the lovely Bar Harbor Maine.  We had plans to stay in the Bar Harbor Area for 1 week+ and our friends Nancy & Betsy of RV-A-Go-Go fame were work hosting there – a great opportunity to spend time with them!


The RV-A-Go-Go-ers put is in a lovely spot overlooking the Eastern Bay – we were able to face the water & had a changing palette every day.  

The tide receded so dramatically that you could walk to the island during low tide – high tide waters practically submerged the island.  


Many folks dug mussels in the shallow water.  

Betsy harvested seaweed for her world-famous lobster bakes!


We were excited to re-visit the area – we visited years ago and tent-camped in Acadia National Park.  And ate lots of lobster.  My goal was to eat lobster at least once a day – three times a day if available!  I hit that mark and still love lobster – can’t get enough!


Nancy and Betsy were nice to invite us to a lobster feast one evening which was yummy  We easily downed three lobsters between the two of us along with some great wine.

Betsy & Nancy also invited us to a few dinners on the town.  Bar Harbor has some great restaurants and we are always happy to try some new eats!

This was the great view we had from our RV each day.


bar harbor600

So,in the spirit of Monet one saw the changing light, tides, mood.  A great view to capture!


One morning brought fog that had rolled in overnight and presented the Bay in a new light.  


Glad I got up early to experience it!

Foggy Morning 


And another morning with bright clear skies….



We were also glad to spend time with Jen & Deas of Nealys on Wheels blogging fame.  We hope to see Jen and Deas down the road some time – along with the RV-A-Go-Goers.

Thanks for a great Bar Harbor Visit!


7 thoughts on “A Visit to Beautiful Bar Harbor Maine – our trip North Continues….

      1. We met the Nealy’s in Colorado last summer and enjoyed their company very much. This RV blogging community is such fun. We’ve formed long lasting relationships via this platform 🙂

      2. I love my ‘bridge’ camera. There’s a few of us bloggers that use the same model. Much of the benefits of a DSLR without needing to change lenses. I have a tab labeled “camera” if you’d like more info. Jen’s landscape photos are definitely stunning. We’ll be in AZ most of the winter with a quick January trip to TX.

  1. This is such a beautiful area. You photos are gorgeous and dramatic:) What an awesome view for you visit. My goal was to eat lobster ever day also. And I managed to accomplish that as well:) So glad you had a great stay and got to spend time with some neat friends.

    1. It was lovely! I even got to take some lobsters with us in the bus for dinner & make up some lobster quiche for future use. Looks like you are having a good middle-of-the-country trip. Safe travels!

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