Weekend RV Parking at the Buffalo Bills NFL Stadium

The Buffalo Bills parking lot at Ralph Wilson Stadium is the only NFL facility to offer overnight parking at their stadium lot.  A Saturday morning entry and $50.00 will get you a parking spot through Monday morning.  If you arrive early enough you should get a spot- 2 a.m. Saturday before the game should do it!


While other NFL stadiums offer game-day RV parking, Ralph Wilson Stadium provides the opportunity to stay in the lot through Monday morning.  


We have parked our rig at the Buffalo Bills RV Parking lot in years past and were hoping to do the same this season.  Our mistake was trying on Opening Day with Bills fans optimistic about their teams’ chances for the first time in years.


The stadium offers an RV lot that opens Saturday before Game Day at 8:00 a.m.  Our last visit we arrived in the parking lot – that holds approximately 100 RVs – mid-morning on Saturday.  Not this year!


I wanted to share our experience here so you can get into the parking lot for your weekend fun and – should you choose – attendance at the game.  But game attendance is not required!

Haven’t seen this many rental RVs since the Grand Canyon….

RVs of all types line up early –  EARLY – to get spaces in the lot.  At least the weekend of  September 13,2015.  The RVers I spoke with lined up at 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning to get a spot.  And keep in mind they waited single file on a 4 lane road to get the privilege.

Wanna-be tailgaters lined up on Southwestern Blvd, turning right onto Abbott Road, Orchard Park to enter the lot.  

  Entry Route at 2 a.m.

Once an RV is parked, towed cars are not supposed to remain on the lot – according to the posted rules – and based on our past experience.   This year cars were allowed in the RV parking area.  Not sure why as this does not permit full use of the parking area – and contradicted the posted rules.


In the past you were escorted to your site by parking attendants who ensured max utilization of the area – that did not happen this year either.  Their were many empty spaces adjacent to RVers who did get access.  If only they had used every space – our 15 RV gap between entry and shut out would have been eliminated!


We missed entry by approximately 15 RVers who all were shut out of the lot – and this was after waiting on the road for 2 hours.   After we left we saw many RV heading towards the lot, soon to ve turned away. 


In the past, towed vehicles parked in an adjacent lot to allow access to the vehicles.  Vehicles towing trailers were allowed to stay in the lot but had to keep the trailer attached.


The stadium also offers a bath house for RVers to use during their stay – as the parking lot is just that.  A parking lot offering only a parking space.  No water, electric or sewer so you are dry camping for the weekend.

Some fans choose to not use the bathhouse….

Once you get in the lot expect to stay through at least Sunday evening.  Attendants inform you to expect to stay until Monday morning.  An earlier exit is possible if those around you leave earlier.


The atmosphere is typically nice with people ready to enjoy a tailgate with their RVs.  For the most part, people are friendly and, of course, most are Bills fans.  Many people attend the game – but a good number stay in the parking lot at game time & enjoy their stay.


This year an unfortunate accident occurred which you can read about here.  Hopefully that won’t encourage the Bills ownership or management to shut down the lot as parking here is fun and a great game-day atmosphere. 


Hopefully next game we can get into the lot with better pre-planning and a 2 a.m. wait in line.  Frankly the 2 a.m. cue on the surrounding streets creates an unsafe situation that can easily be improved.  Also frustrating was getting shut out while there was plenty of room for additional RVs.  A simple solution would have been for attendants to escort vehicles and maximize space.  An email to the stadium re these issues was met with silence.

A backup: park at one of the private parking lots –  one is directly across the street from the stadium lot and another at Danny’s restaurant south of the stadium.   Or ditch tailgating and stay at a campground.  We stay at Colden Springs campground, one of the few options about 20 minutes south.  If you drive a motorhome to the stadium suggest you drive your tow vehicle separately so you can back up your coach if needed (we did!) Also get to the lot prior to the 8am opening and line up as shown on the blog map, headed north on Southwestern Blvd.  good luck!

A follow up: for the second Bills game (against the Patriots) the RV lot looked much more organized.  RVs closer together, tow vehicles parked elsewhere. We only saw this on TV, not in person, but what we saw looked much better than the previous week.

An update – Bills season ticket holders get first shot at reserving RV sites – so if you have season tickets – or know someone who does, that may be your best bet.  After all reserved spots are filled, the general public may enter the lot.  Good Luck!

The Bills beat the Colts 27-14.  Lots of happy campers in the lot!


19 thoughts on “Weekend RV Parking at the Buffalo Bills NFL Stadium

  1. Thanks for the post. We have been trying to figure out the best time to get there this weekend. What did you do once you were turned away? I would like to have a back up plan as far as parking with a big camper. Also what do people do for 7 hours parked in the road?? I’m a little nervous about that! Thanks again!!

    1. Tanya – do not know if you got my earlier response so i will try again. Alternatives to the stadium lot are a private lot directly across the street from the stadium lot or Danny’s restaurant, south of the stadium on Abbott road. Would also recommend you bring a tow vehicle separately if you have a class A should you need to back up (we did a few times….) and get there prior to the 8a.m. opening. Also should none of the private lots work out you could ditch RV tailgating and go to a campground. We use Colden Lakes about 20 minutes South if the stadium. Good luck – let me know how you make out! Gail

      1. Thank you so much!! That is very helpful. We did see the campground and had planned that as an alternative but I feel much better knowing that there is a closer one. I will update you next week! Thanks again!!

    2. Tayna – another piece of info. Second game (against the Patriots) the RV lot looke much more organized. RVs closer together, tow vehicles parked elsewhere. We only saw this on TV, not in person, but what we saw looked much better than the previous week. Hope this helps. Go Bill! And if you are rooting for the Giants, disregard everything I’ve said. just kidding!

  2. Gail,
    Well, we made it into the camper lot last weekend! We arrived a bit later than we originally planned because we felt maybe with the cold weather that it would stop as many people from coming out. We were not right because it did sell out again! But we only waited in line for about 45 minutes to get in and it was much more organized. I still see room for improvement but they were at least partially directing people. Sunday morning they came around and had a few people move to an area that was blocked off and allowed quite a few more campers in. As always it was a great time. Thank for this post again. It was literally the only info I could find besides reports that it sold out. I did fill out my Bills game day experience survey and gave them a few recommendations so we will see what the 2016 season brings as far as the camper lot. 🙂 Go Bills!

  3. That is good news! I hope you had a great time in the Bill’s RV Lot, and. I cannot believe they opened it up on Sunday Morning – will keep that in mind for future visits. Thanks for the update & reading the blog. Gail

  4. My apologies if I missed your response for the previous question: “what do people do for 7 hours parked in the road??” I’m curious as well and wonder what the environment is like waiting in line on the road for entry for 6-7 hours at 2 am and if people are turned away by law enforcement.

    1. Cannot answer that as we did not wait for seven hours on the side of the road. We arrived at ~7:30 a.m. Saturday, actively waited on the shoulder for ~ 2 hours and were denied entry. Also have no idea what actions law enforcement takes wrt those who wait on the road all night.

  5. Thanks so much for this information. I was searching for information on camping in the lot at the stadium. This explains everything so clearly! I would love to do this some weekend. Sounds like loads of fun!!

  6. Was there any issues with broken glass? or damage? I have a new Airstream, and am nervous to bring it. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, thanks!! Go Bills!

    1. No broken glass or damage. Many folks stay with their rigs the entire game – don’t go into the stadium at all. I am a worrier regarding our RV – and went into the game with no hesitation. We had no problems at any time during our visit. Enjoy the game!

  7. We are coming from London Ontario to camp Saturday through Sunday What time should we arrive to get a spot and where is it that we line up to get in ?We have a 35` RV

    1. Hi Steve – I am sorry to share that the first four games are sold out for RV parking. You can dry camp at a private lot across the street from the Bill’s RV lot and there is dry camping at Danny’s restaurant (4300 Abbott Road, Orchard Park) south of the stadium. Arrival early Saturday AM (before 9:00 am) should get you a spot. No guarantees – good luck! and enjoy the game.

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