Our Brief Affair with Newfoundland


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Once we planned our 2015 trip – which included a stretch to the Maritime Provinces in Canada – we added a short visit to Newfoundland.  Taking our RV on the ferry would have cost over $600.00 – and we only had five days on the Island due to schedule constraints.  With that in mind, we left the RV in Nova Scotia and  ferried with only our Jeep and stay in Bed & Breakfast Inns along the way.

The view from our room at Bonne Bay Inn.

Our first stop was the town of Bonne Bay – a short drive after our overnight on the ferry.  With a beautiful vista, overlooking the Bay, we felt right at home.  Newly renovated it was a great stay and close to the South Side of Gros Morne Park.  Gros Morne is split by Bonne Bay.  We wanted to maximize our visit and elected to stay on both sides of the park.  A good decision.

Entry to Green Gardens


We visited Green Gardens in the Park:  a short – but not easy hike – to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.  


The hike was laid out with many step liners to help the hiker – including this one!  Donald was nice enough to wait for me when the hiking got tough.

Terrain/Elevation is noted as Steep and 0 -270m, a 9km round trip hike.


Green Gardens hike led to this beautiful view.  Steps at the end of the hike led to the shoreline.


Another day hike brought us to the Tablelands…




The geology of the land marks a time when the continents of Africa and North America collided pushing the rocks to their present position on the land – originating from the bottom of the ocean.


A detour led us to Trout River – a small fishing community (one of many on the island) and interesting small fishing shacks.  Lots of seafood to eat on the island. 

the local Trout River ladies offer hand-knit items for sale
Not an RV Park….

DSC_1562 DSC_1556 DSC_1631


Our last hike was along the Bay of Saint Lawrence.  We got a lovely view of the coast walking the water.



The Coastal Trail Hike is a 6km round trip along connecting the small fishing town of Bakers Brook and Green Point – through cobble beaches.


An interesting aspect of the hike is the Tuckamore Forest – the Newfoundland word for the stunted trees that grow along the coast and in alpine areas. 


The constant wind off of the coast keeps the trees short beating the branches off of the limbs.


The forest would suit Hobbits quite nicely – they seem to be something out of a fairy tale.  Perfect for those 3 feet tall.


We finished our trip to Newfoundland with a boat tour on Western Brook Pond.  


One would think you were looking at fiords in Norway – the Long Range Mountains.   Surrounded by tall cliffs that drop steeply into the water – a trip on the boat is the only way to see the beauty.  The boat will bring you to hiking trail for a trek through the valley – or a multi day trip with your camping equipment.  


These photos cannot capture the beauty of the place.  Spectacular…..  

And the Newfoundlanders were warm, gracious people with their own charming dialect and expressions that are fascinating.  They live up to their friendly reputation!

                                                      Sunset view from the Candlelight B&B, Rocky Harbor

We would repeat:

Boat Ride on Western Brook Pond (see pictures above…)

Hike to Green Gardens

Eating at Java Jack’s, Roccky Point (Chef was at the top Saint John’s restaurant)

Our Stay at Candlelight B&B, Rocky Harbor

Our Stay at Bonne Bay Inn, Bonne Bay

We would Delete:

Nothing – our trip was great in every aspect…..

We would Add:

More time – much more time.

We would bring the RV with more additional days – as many nice camping options were available.  We left our RV at Baddeck Cabot Trail Campground with no issues.  A campground closer to the ferry is available – since we had to travel right past this campground on our return, we just left in it our original site – with no issues.


8 thoughts on “Our Brief Affair with Newfoundland

    1. Oh yes – so glad we were able to squeeze this in. Leaving the RV behind worked well for us as we had a short stay on the island. I have always wanted to go there – it was great and we hope to return.

  1. Great idea to leave the MH in Nova Scotia and just take the Jeep! We’ll have to keep this in mind. Your photos are spectacular. The colors are brilliant. Wow! You did an amazing job. Love the second to the last photo from the back of the boat:) Looks like a fun hike:)

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