Spectacular (and Friendly!) Jasper National Park

On our drive North to Alaska – meeting up with a Caravan (paid – not a group of fellow RVers who we already know…) we worked our way through the Southern Canadian Rockies.  We are really glad we had the time to stop in this great part of Canada, specifically Jasper National Park.

Five Lakes HIke
After a visit to Banff, we drove up the spectacular (and June snowy!) Ice Field Parkway to Jasper National Park.  The ride was very pretty and dramatic – especially since we hit snow flurries on our trip North.  We circled back to the Icefield Center and took a ride on one of the All-Terrain Ice Explorers that can take a 34% grade on the Columbia Glacier.


We could hardy see in front of us as the snow was really coming down!


The visibility was low the day we visited.  This is an easy RV stop on the IceFields Parkway – a big parking lot for your use.  Shown below the Ice Machines – not Canadian RVs.




The Parks Department recently added this sky walk (below) overlooking the Icefield Valley – with a see-thru floor.  

All part of the Ice Field experience.


Jasper seems to be a little less touristy and not as packed with visitors as it’s southern neighbor, Banff.  Equally scenic!  Lots of friendly locals who are happy to see you and discuss US Politics and the Presidential campaign.


Another great information Center – like many Canadian towns – with friendly staff with much useful info –

Town folk (above) enjoying a (somewhat) sunny day.


A recommendation from a Ranger at the information Center – the “Dead Animal Room” (her words, not mine!  swear!) at the Athabasca Hotel Bar (shown above). Not only was the bar scenery interesting, the Internet was smoking hot!  all for the price of a few cocktails.  By the time we left town, the folks here knew our order before we even sat down at the Bar.  Nice!


While we had expected to enjoy Banff, as it might be more well-known as a beautiful spot, we equally enjoyed Jasper.


The hiking in Jasper was also spectacular.  We hiked the trail of the Five lakes – all bright blue/green water (think the Caribbean) surrounded by mountain peaks.  Caused by the clear Glacier Water and the Rock Flour runoff from the Mountains.


There were many hiking trails to use – all nicely rated green, blue, black, double black – like your favorite ski slope.


This is our carefully selected RV site.  Hand-picked by me – with lots to choose from.  And what do I choose?  The site closest to the dump station.  Just because I could!  

it really was not a problem, but after combing over pictures, reading reviews – you think I could choose a better site.  Nope! Not me!  

Our last night in the Jasper area, we visited the Fairmont Hotel and got a nice sunset view (below) with our dinner.  The bartender at the local brew pub made our reservation.  The folks here really ARE nice!


If you do get a chance to visit, we would recommend a stop at the Info Center, the Athabasca Hotel for your Internet needs and a stay at the Whistler’s Campground.  All Good!  and of course take advantage of the many great hiking opportunities.

10 thoughts on “Spectacular (and Friendly!) Jasper National Park

  1. We loved taking the tour of the Icefield many years ago. What an adventure taking the tour in the snow! So far you are following the same route we took when we were traveling to Alaska in 2013. Jasper is another beautiful area. As you continue north it will just keep getting better and better! Keep an eye out for wildlife! I spent our entire trip looking out for bear, moose, and elk! Looking forward to following your adventure.

    1. Any quick tips for an Alaskan newbie? we are working on securing the cabinets, wrapping the toad. anything else you did that worked – or something you wish you had done? other than skip the whole trip, that is. thanks for your note.

      1. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Take your time and watch out for frost heaves. I read you will be going with a caravan so they will have lots of advice. We did the trip solo so we were a little more flexible. If you have the opportunity to do a flight seeing trip in Talkeetna, do it. Same thing for a wildlife cruise in Valdez or Seward (we did both), Our favorite place was Haines, loved camping at Teklaneeka in Denali, and halibut fishing in Ninilchik on the Kenai Peninsula. Stop at Liard River Hot Springs and soak in the springs on your way to Alaska. I posted about everything. You will find the people are friendly and helpful. Prices are High in Canada, especially in the Yukon. Don’t take tomatoes, citrus, or bell peppers into Alaska. So jealous of you! It will be the trip of a lifetime!

      2. thanks so much for your advice. understand about the flex with traveling on your own – we would do the schedule differently – but have met some really nice folks here and are enjoying their company. We head to Destruction Bay tomorrow – supposedly the worst part of the drive, so I am bracing myself for the bumps and bruises! gail

  2. We also loved Jasper for its laid back feel. I love your comment on politics. If you really want to get the scoop on U.S. politics, ask a Canadian. They have a way of cutting through the bull. 🙂

    1. Oh Yes! we have enjoyed our discussions re the US presidential race with Canadians and other people from outside of the US. I am always impressed by the knowledge of our political world by other-than-Americans. I should be so knowledgeable about their country! nice to hear your comments. Gail

  3. Jasper NP was our favorite:) We visited Jasper prior to Banff so you can imagine why we weren’t happy to see the mobs of people in Banff. We arrived in Whistler Campground September 7th and woke to several inches of snow our first morning! This was the earliest they have gotten snow in many years. But it was wonderful for us because the mountains were all snow covered and our hikes had some snow covering…beautiful:) We did the Five Lakes hike and it was cold!!! We wore our long underwear, jeans, hats, and gloves. But it was a glorious days! Love the red chairs placed in various spots through their parks:) It was rutting season and we had a HUGE bull elk that hung out in the campground. We woke one morning to him bellowing right outside our window. What an amazing treat:) So glad you got to see this place:)

    1. thanks for your note – glad you enjoyed Jasper as much as we did. I thought the Five Lakes hike was one of the best we’ve done. We hiked every day there and can’t wait to get back to hiking! we are currently just moving through Canada to get to Alaska – so we are looking at a lot of driving for the next few days. Hope this finds you well! and thanks again. Gail

  4. Your experience if Jasper mirrors mine. Not only is it immense-heroic actually- the people were friendly, informative and fun! My son and I spent time there when he graduated from college some years ago.

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