An Alaskan Caravan – Chapter I

Well, here we are.  The beginning of our Alaskan Caravan.  Who, what, why have we done this?


Don’s Grandmother made this same trip in the 70’s and survived – without the internet and Google Maps!  And Don learned the roads were rough, our RV would be trashed and the going was tough.  So we got going!


And with our RVing friends saying “NO WAY!” (would they go to Alaska, that is) – we were on our own.  But wait!  Not so fast!  We could actually pay someone to do all the arranging for us (campground, site sighting, social functions, etc.) and – bonus! have someone else assume the last position to sweep up any travelers that had problems!  Yes!  A paid caravan!


We read up on Fantasy & Adventure Caravans.  While they sounded appealing, one of those companies kept calling me (their salespeople kept calling, that is…) and I did not want to have to pay salespeople.  One other, let’s say “bare bones” company was appealing – they made the arrangements, had a trek master and a tail gunner as the other companies did.  

   Photo by Official Caravan Photographer Suzi Parkinson Hills-Kuehn

Our first RV campground was Northern Lights RV Park in Dawson Creek.They also offered different options (opting out of sightseeing excursions, for example) and a 1/2 trip (23 days vice 50) – we liked those option & signed up with RV Adventure Treks early in 2016 –  leaving our fate (and Alaska trip) in their hands.


Which finds us here, in Dawson Creek, Alberta.    We tripped our way independently through Montana & Alberta, CA- some caravans start in the States – not ours, which was fine.  Most caravans do travel through DC – some start here, others just pass through.


Our first RV campground was Northern Lights RV Park in Dawson Creek.
Not a garden spot mind you, but large level sites that we could navigate through, with full hook-ups.


The sun sets on our first Caravan night – with luck, we will make to Alaska – and return – with no regrets.  God Speed!


14 thoughts on “An Alaskan Caravan – Chapter I

  1. I’m looking forward to following you along on the rest of your Alaska journey! Just seeing your photos of Dawson Creek brought back great memories of when we arrived there and started on the Alaska highway to Alaska. We also stayed at Northern Lights and met a few people who were in a caravan. We continued on our own and had the trip of a lifetime. Can’t wait to see where you go next!

  2. Lived in Alaska over 20 years and made the journey back and forth to the states on the ALCAN eight times… you will have the adventure of a lifetime and memories that will remain for the rest of your life… have a safe trip and watch out for those sheep near Summit Lake!

  3. Our friends Faye and Dave just started with their caravan to Alaska as well. I look forward to following along. Should be a fun adventure!

  4. In 1947, my parents were the 7th civilian car allowed to drive the ALCAN (Military) Highway. The road was a “corduroy” road (made of felled spruce trees) and they overnighted (no RV) at the construction camps and fished the streams for dinner.

    1. hi Gretchen! hope life finds you well. what a great story – the photos of that time & people’s journeys are fascinating! hope you have some of both. thanks for your note!

  5. We traveled along the Alaska Highway and through Alaska with an RV Caravan and it was just GREAT! I’m sure you will enjoy the social aspect of being able to share your experiences with your fellow travelers each evening. Having someone to make all of the arrangements is icing on the cake! We loved our caravan experience and I’m sure you will too.

  6. We are really looking forward to your adventure and your pictures. Once we retire we want to see Alaska and were thinking the first time to do this with a caravan and can’t wait to see what your experience will be like.

    1. Hi Kathy! It has been great – blog posts difficult as little to no good net access as well as lots of activity here! Looking forward to sharing the experience with you. Gail

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