Our Alaska Caravan – Part B

We continue on our journey through the Great White North – well, maybe not quite white now.  

Very Green and bumpy. 

Our second stop – Fort Nelson.


This was a quick overnight stop – to make some progress towards our goal – Alaska!


Our campground – Triple G Hideaway – was fine for an overnight.


Not much more than a parking lot – but easy to get around and close to the highway.


This was the beautiful drive after Fort Nelson and headed North.


The scenery was lovely as we drove along the Liard river, making some scenic stops along the way.


The Highway holds much history – built during World War II once the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor – and before the Japanese landed in the Aleutian Islands.  Built by both Military and Civilian personnel and completed in 8 months!  Amazing!

The United States had interest in building the road prior to WWII but received little support from Canada as it held little benefit for them – the road would impact only a few thousand people in the Yukon Territory.  Once a study involving both the US and Canada was initiated, the Canadians recognized the economic benefit of a roadway.


The Canadians initially refused to fund or support the construction – that changed with the Japanese attack.  The Canadians agreed once the US funded the entire cost – and agreed to turn control over to the Canadians once the War ended.


The original river crossings were pontoon structures, replaced by log bridges and then to today’s steel structures.


So far, the ride has been great, the crossings easy and the diesel fuel easy to find – and the weather delightful.

Fingers crossed that it stays that way!



4 thoughts on “Our Alaska Caravan – Part B

  1. I’m sorry you missed the sheep when you drove around Summit Lake. They have never failed to be there when I drove the ALCAN. I do hope you overnight at Kluanie (?) lake just North of Haines Junction… it is truly wonderful there.

  2. The Beaver is in storage, I’m building small retaining walls, pouring concrete, etc. and you are seeing Alaska! There’s a lesson here.

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