Alaska Awaits – Teslin, the Yukon

Another drive North finds us in Teslin – the Yukon Territory…


We continue our press North to Alaska – landing in this small town for a short stay.  Established by the Hudson Bay Company in 1903, it provided a small trading post – population today slightly over 100 people.


 Teslin is found at Mile Marker 804 on the Alaska – Canadian highway. Home to two Native American “moieties” (two decent groups) the Crow and the Wolf.  These groups make up the Teslin Inland Tingit First Nation – a group of Native Americans with their own government that is self-sustaining, with relations with Canada and the Yukon governments.
DSC_4709And home to one amazing man, George Johnson.  A trapper, hunter and entrepreneur.  Mr. Johnson documented the land that he loved – carrying his camera at all times.   A museum is dedicated to him – including his great photographs.


Not only did Mr. Johnson capture the land & people that he loved via pictures, he was one of the first taxi drivers in the Yukon Territory – purchasing a car when there were no fuel stops!  Also no highway to drive the vehicle…..


Mr. Johnson paid locals to build a road and created Testlin Taxi.  Mr. Johnson’s road became part of the famed Alaskan highway.


Mr. Johnson ran his taxi over the nearby river during Winter months – using it for transporting people and hunting local game.   He realized the vehicle’s original green color kept game away – each season he painted it white and then returned it to green once the spring reappeared.


Local Native American craftwork is also displayed in the Museum, including this beautiful beadwork..


Boarding the river is this local cemetery.  The patrons here have a view of the river flowing at their feet…wlake3wlake5

These wooden fences can be found surrounding most cemeteries here in the North West – not just for decoration, used to keep animals off of the graves – and from destroying them.


The bridge crossing to Teslin – located on the West bank of the Teslin river and the Nisutlin Bay.


Teslin was also the home to an Army communications system, used during World War II – one of the original towers lies here.


One of four original towers, waiting to get re-erected.




Teslin provided a basic campground for our stay –  perched behind the local restaurant/fuel stop combo.  Slammed due to a local concert the night before our arrival.  A rare event in this area – sorry we missed it!


The campground was basically a parking lot – we shared the site with lots of folks headed to Alaska – lots of RVers on the road bearing North – good to see as it implies that there are services along the route, including fuel.


We camped at the Yukon Motel/RV Park – very, very close to the highway.

Good for one night! and closer to Alaska….

A now a disclaimer  –   we were in Teslin weeks ago.

Due to little internet capability and too much fun, this was posted way after we visited!

3 thoughts on “Alaska Awaits – Teslin, the Yukon

  1. I can only imagine how much fun you are having and all the magnificent sights you are seeing. We stayed at that RV park on our way back home from Alaska and watched an Eagle in one of the trees. I also enjoyed one of their huge cinnamon rolls!

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