Michigan’s Beautiful Upper Peninsula

We planned a unique trip this year – heading North to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as a major stop and then exploring Wisconsin.  Michigan’s Upper Peninsula did not disappoint with lots of interesting places to visit.


Loaded with greenery and great State Highways – there are no Interstates to travel in the area – Michigan’s State roads are great to travel.  

Well marked & maintained and a pleasure to drive.  We had a delightful crossing over the “Big Mac” – Mackinaw Bridge, spanning the Straight of Mackinaw that joins the Great Lakes Huron & Michigan.

We started with a stay in the Southern area – near Manistique MI – to visit friend Laurie.

 Laurie returned to the area after she retirement & played gracious tour guide during our visit – sharing her excitement & love for the area with these newcomers.

                      Donald still trying to tell Laurie what to do…..
                                                Pretty Fayette SP Harbor

One stop was Fayette Historic State Park – the site of a historic manufacturer of pig iron & townsite that flourished between 1867-1891.

We also visited the really interesting Palms Book State Park – also known as Kitchitikip (“Big Spring”) that offers a self-guided observation raft.  Guests work a wheel to propel the raft over the springs for a view of the crystal clear water that is fed by a constant spring.

A short day trip brought us to Tahquamenon Falls State Park – offering good area hikes and lovely waterfalls.

We parked the RV at Wandering Wheels Campground located in Curtis, MI.  It provided a good central spot to turn from.

Another option is the brand-new Manistique Lakeshore Campground opening June 2017.  A separate post on that new spot may be found here.  Laurie can tell you all about the local campgrounds – as we dragged her through every local RV spot she could stand!  We dubbed it the “RV Tour.”

9 thoughts on “Michigan’s Beautiful Upper Peninsula

  1. Beautiful photographs. A couple of years ago we had reservations at Fayette Historic SP but ended up cutting our Midwestern sojourn short after receiving some roof damage from trees. The vegetation is lush and lovely but not always RV friendly. Thanks for the tour.

    1. HI Ingrid! thanks for your note – your photo comment means a lot! we have avoided two bad storms by waiting out hail & tornadoes. And then camped through a hail storm with hopefully no damage. Looks like you are having a great summer – we hope to head to Arizona later this year. your photo posted 9 July of a rock formation is great. Where was that taken?

  2. Outstanding photography! I am really enjoying the treasures you are uncovering on your journey. I’ve never been to the Upper Peninsula. That Palms Book State Park looks like a lot of fun. I imagine there are a lot of lakes for your kayaking adventures as well. Hugs from Oregon!

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