Misc RV Info that We Have Learned

– Let your motorized exit steps extend all the way – and add a few seconds – before you step on them.  They will break, collapse, fall apart under your feet if you neglect this item.  We are on our fourth set of steps in our 2012 Motorhome.  Yikes!  also prop up your steps when extended – places less tension and wear on the mechanism.

– Get your Coach a full tank of fuel and add diesel treatment before you park it for an extended period of time.

– Ensure your tow vehicle is full of fuel when you hook it to your coach – you may need to unhook it on the road (and drive it) should an emergency occur.

– Before raising your jacks ensure your airbags have refilled to approx 125 PSIs – and you hear the whoosh of your engine.  This ensures the fluid has drained from the jack housing.

–  A trip in South West Florida in early March demands a purchase of RV Saran Wrap.  The love bugs are thick and will take you 2+ hours to remove – and you really need to remove immediately or they can damage your paint.

– Get a roadside assistance plan (Good Sam or CoachNet) and hope you never have to use it.  Get a friend’s membership number to give them some free months or discount on renewal.

–  Take a driver’s confidence class so both (if there are two of you…) can drive.

–  Check and double check that everything is locked (i.e. storage compartments) especially before you pull away from the service facility.

– Having service done to your coach will take longer than you can imagine and will cost a lot of money.  And require multiple trips (diagnosis, parts ordering, actual repair, hopefully the first time).  No $20.00 deals on oil changes in the RV world.  You may find some specials on service during slow times (we are in Tampa in late May – specials are available on RV appliances; in early fall specials on other service are available).

–  We tie up any cabinets are behind a slide when retracted.  We have had cabinets open in transit on our fifth wheel – esp those the are perpendicular to the front of the coach. Just do this to ensure that they will not open and wedge the slide in place.  Also visually check to ensure they have not opened while traveling – even if you tied them up – to ensure any open doors will not impact your slides.

What tips have you learned from your RVing experience? 

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