One very anal way to set up your motorhome…

My very ridiculous method to get the RV set up.  Thanks to my Husband for his patience!
Once we are parked and lined up with the utilities, we hook up water and power before the slides come out.  Easier and less head bumping.  Air conditioning goes on right after power is plugged in – if it is hot outside.
Ignition key just needs to be turned on – engine does not need to be on – to put down jacks and slides out.
with ignition key turned, Don stands outside and Gail is inside and hits auto level to drop the jacks. Once the light indicates that jacks are down,  Don visually checks to ensure that all jacks are down.  If the jacks are streching too far (ie one or more tires are not touching the ground or the system tells you it’s an excessive slope) to level, stop the leveling operation and either move the coach in the site so it is at a better level, move it onto boards to get a better level or move sites.  We have been in sites that we were not level enough – one screwed up the leveling system.  This has happened only a handful of times (maybe five) out of the over 100 places we have camped.  We carry four boards in case we need to raise the coach by parking front or rear tires on the boards.  We also carry a level in case we cannot judge the site by eye.
We also do not drop the jacks on bare ground or grass – we (ok Don…) put down leveling pads prior to dropping the jacks.  If the ground is soft or muddy you should use jack pads.  You can make them from cutting boards (white plastic from wal mart two each with a solid piece of wood between) or purchase from Camping World.
Once Don checks to ensure all jacks are down and verbally verifies it with Gail, time for the slides.
We start at the driver’s front.  Gail hits the button, Don stands outside to ensure there are no obstacles (trees, power stands, etc).  Of course this has been checked as we pull into the site so this serves as a double check.  We rotate clockwise around the coach, pulling out each slide (each is on a separate switch) and should there be an issue, Don is to frantically knock on the outside of the coach and Gail will stop the slide extension.
Chemicals in the black and gray tanks (we started pulling chemicals in the gray to keep it clean….) stuff off of the sofas and wine opened.  Let the camping begin!

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