Wadi Rum – Lawrence of Arabia’s Hangout Invaded by Tourists on Camels

A highlight of our trip was a visit to Jordan was the area of Wadi Rum – meaning Valley (Wadi) of the Moon (Rum, not the drinking kind…).

DSC_7274Jordan is heavily promoting this into a tourist area with good reason –  the desert hills, vistas are lovely and history saturates the area. 


Lawrence of Arabia lived in the area while trying to gain freedom for the Arabians.

wadi rum 55

Lawrence became a practising archaeologist in the Middle East, working at various excavations.


In January 1914, before the outbreak of World War I, Lawrence was co-opted by the British Army to undertake a military survey of the Negev Desert while doing archaeological research.


The famous movie of the same name was filmed in the area.  Omar Shariff talks about his experience with Peter O’Toole as a booze-soaked 9 months – where there was nothing to do between movie takes other than drink – to excess.  

Where did Don get the headgear?

Legendary are also Peter O’Toole’s nasty run-ins with endless camel rides and the toll they took on his behind.

Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Wadi Rum


Along with many other Arab countries, Jordan banned the film for what they felt to be a disrespectful portrayal of Arab culture.




Literal Camel Jockeys




  And here are some of those Tourist on Camels….

I can never get away from Teachers yelling at me!



DSC_7031 DSC_7069

DSC_7208 DSC_7246

Jerry is at home here – looks like Palm Springs….

Tents available for an overnight stay….


We were able to dine in a Boudiun Tent and had a great lunch before departure….


Wadi Rum was a fantastic & beautiful experience. – one I would like to repeat!

4 thoughts on “Wadi Rum – Lawrence of Arabia’s Hangout Invaded by Tourists on Camels

  1. I agree Gail. The best part of out trip yo Jordan. So beautiful. I loved the camel ride It was so peaceful and calming in those surroundings. Thanks again for sharing. Love the teacher picture !!’

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