Cape Cod Kayaking – Gail & Don continue Up the East Coast

We arrived at Cape Cod earlier this week – staying at the Cape Cod RV Resort & Campground.  While we have been in town for a few days finding a kayak launch point in the Falmouth area has proven challenging.

We found a spot yesterday – and while we had a great paddle to and through a wildlife preserve – we parked in a lot for use by locals only.   Oops!
As shown in the pictures – despite Don’s review and re-review of the weather forecast – we had some heavy rain during this paddle.
No problem for us or the wildlife.
Osprey Nest
We’ve asked numerous folks where we could kayak without a guide –  no one can tell us where to launch kayaks & park a vehicle.
Osprey Nest 2
The spot where we launched and kayaked was very nice, we did not realize that we were parked in a ‘locals only’ area and were thankful that we were not ticketed or towed!
A gentleman spoke to us while we were loading the boats – after the paddle – and nicely told us that the lot is for residents only.
He noted that we most likely would not have an issue during the week, however a weekend trip might be problematic.
Tuesday Afternoon at the Boat Launch
Should you choose to take the chance at parking at the same lot, the boat launch is handy and the kayak paddle very nice.
We will continue to explore further East on the Cape – but for now we will continue the search in Falmouth.
Area Map

We kayaked on the Great River and Jehu Pond – part of the Waquiot Bay Area & the Mashpee Wildlife Recreation Area.

cape cod

cape cod

A few days prior we saw a great sunset in the West Falmouth Area.  If you have not visited the Cape Cod area – it is lovely with lots of Cedar Shingle houses and Lobster Rolls – surrounded by water.

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