The Virginian RV Park, Jackson WY

We stumbled onto the Virginian RV Park in Jackson Wyoming on the way to Yellowstone National Park.  

I was initially put off by this park as many on commented on the tight facilities and tough navigating through the park roads.  Once we realized the close proximity to town, we decided to stay for a few nights.  We were glad we did!

                                                                     Our spot at the Virginian               

We appreciate RV Parks that are close to town – and Jackson, Wyoming is a great little town.  With good walking, restaurants we appreciate the ability to ditch the vehicles for a few days.  The Virginian gave us the opportunity to do that.

                                                                                Park Access Road

The entrance road to the park is shown above here.  Immediately off of State Road 191 and behind the Virginian Hotel with great breakfast and a bar with karaoke and local bands.



Entrance gates to the park, above. The employees here are super nice & greet you as soon as you enter the Park, provide a site number so you can park right away – and get out of the way.  They ask you to return to the office for paperwork once you are parked.  I wish more parks did this!



The town library is directly across the street, assuring you a degree of quiet.  




                                                                       HI Neighbor!

The employees also went out of their way to ensure we did not have to move sites for our short stay.  We extended two days due to  snow at Yellowstone – and they took the time to make sure we did not have to move our sight.  Nice!


Sites are tight – you are very close to your neighbor!



I am guessing that the Park does not list this as one of their amenities – close proximity to the power station.  But we did appreciated the close distance to the town of Jackson.  And you are welcome to use the hotel pool and visit their restaurant for a great breakfast.


We enjoyed our stay at the Virginian RV Park and it will be our first choice for a return to the lovely town of Jackson Wyoming. 






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