Cool Calgary & A Great RV Park

We stopped at Calgary, Alberta on our way to meet our Alaska Caravan.  What a great stop – found a nice RV park in the town of Cochrane, about 45 minutes outside of Calgary.  Our main destination in Calgary was the Glenbow Museum, highlighting the lives of some interesting Albertans.

Our short stay was highlighted by a visit to the Glenbow Museum – a mix of art, artifacts and history of famous Alberta residents.  This museum was a delightful surprise – offering a wealth of interesting exhibits!  We could have spent much more time exploring the treasures offered here.  A small sampling:


The museum had numerous exhibits of interest.    

The above work by Regent Park Regent Park (Robin Collyer) – the result of a double exposure captured at Toronto’s Regent Park – Canada’s oldest housing project.  Part of an exhibit that asked Alberta Artists to select their favorite work of art from the Museum’s collection.  Rufus Wainwright selected this work as he appreciated the unusual capture of the image – he initialed assumed the subject was London – once he realized it was Toronto it enhanced his enjoyment of the photo.


This work, “War Council on the Plains, by Charles Marion Russell was chosen by Corb Lund, a country musician.  Mr. Lund felt this captured the West – Mr. Russell was one of the few Western Artists who actually lived in the West, mostly Montana, but traveling extensively throughout the region.  

The museum has an extensive collection of Oriental Art – over 5,000 pieces, including many weapons.   Also among the mix was this small Remington sculpture shown above.



The museum did a great job discussing native Albertans, some shown below.  Oilmen, Mounted Police, photographers, women who dared to live on their own.






COL James MacClod
COL James MacClod

Shown above: Lena & Thomas Gushal, photographers) COL James MacClod (one of the first Mounted Policeman in the area), Mary Warren (known for her independence)

Some of the works of the Gushals – known for carrying a camera everywhere….
Wonder if the bottom photos is a reaction to US politics?



This stunning sculpture in centered in the museum – and really caught my eye.  Meant to capture the beauty of ice in Western Canada.




Downtown Calgary was dotted with many modern structures…

During our Calgary stay, we settled into Bow Riveredge RV park.  We really enjoyed this little spot – close to the town of Cockrane, a nice little spot outside of this cute town.



Built and run by the Lions Club, this non-profit park gives all proceeds back to the town


The best spots overlook the river (the Bow River) and the off-leash dog park.




This path takes you directly to town…from the RV Park
DSC_1883Our nice campsite for two nights.

We would plan a return to the area – and include this campground in our stay.  We really enjoyed the cute town of Cochraine and this nice campsite.  With friendly guests!


5 thoughts on “Cool Calgary & A Great RV Park

  1. Gail, Enjoying your Blog! – Struggling to find the Galway museum on google (It shows up in Irelend :)) Do you have a link to it? Thanks for the great blog living vicariously through y’all on your trip to Alaska!

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